Graded final assignment – How to stop a pandemic

Goal: conveying the different methods a population has in their ‘toolbox’ to attempt to stop the spread of a(n) (airborne) plague. As shown, there are many ways of doing so, and I wanted to bring across how these can all be applied to slow down transmission, but more importantly how they work much more effectively when done at the same time. This was mostly inspired by my eternal frustration at people not following regulations.

Form: A bit between video and multiple pictures. I’d say the movement through time is the main factor here, as it nicely shows the increasingly rapid exponential growth. Also important, however, is the comparison between different situations in the form of ‘small multiples’. I wanted to have simple ways of showing what the methods actually do, so the shown graphics with simple circles representing people while doing things like thickening their borders or spreading them further apart was the best option.

Improvement: an additional aspect that could have been added would be the compliance with the rules, showing that if many people have an attitude along the lines of ‘well, if all other people comply, my behaviour won’t do a lot of harm’, the regulations would have a severely hampered benefit.