Back to normal, or all for nothing?

By now, everyone and their grandmothers have acquired vast experience in one way or another with the unique situation known as ‘smart lockdown’. We have all experienced the initial “huh, this is weird, right?”, the subsequent Groundhog Days, and the feeling that the invisible danger that forced us into this position has long faded.

Understandable, as luckily, the numbers of infections and deaths have plummeted. The danger of the invisible enemy known as ‘COVID-19’ has, however, all but disappeared. “Dat moet ik uitleggen.”

Measures against the spread of SARS-CoV-2 were put in place mid-March. We understood why and we gracefully complied. Now that the months of good conduct have turned the tide, we appear willing to throw it all in the gutter. If there is one thing I’ve learnt, it’s how incomprehensibly short-sighted we can be as a population. All it took to deplete our patience was a couple of months of changing our behaviour to limit the spread of the virus. Some days ago, out of all public figures, our very own Minister of Justice and Security decided to set a good example. Despite the insane recklessness of his actions and the inexcusability that comes with it, not only risking the spread but also seemingly unaware it would set quite the example, our Minister (has for now) managed to stay put.

The public is outraged, and rightfully so, but many of us have no right at all to comment.

Something with a pot and a kettle coming to mind.


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